Camellia ‘Maiden Blush”


Botanical Name: Camellia sasanqua ‘Maiden’s Blush’

Common Name: Camellia ‘Maiden’s Blush’

Height: 8 – 15 ft; Width 8 – 15 ft. Slow grower

The Maiden’s Blush camellia has glossy, thin but leathery, elliptical, dark green leaves with toothed margins. This dense, upright, medium-sized shrub produces small to medium, single flowers with light-pink petals and gold stamens. The waxy-petaled blooms appear from fall to midwinter. What these flowers lack in size compared to common camellias, they make up for in numbers. 

The soil should be moist, acidic and well-drained.

Sasanquas prefer partial shade, but established, well watered specimens will tolerate full sun.

Bloom Time: fall, late fall, early winter, winter. 

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