Arrow Arum


Botanical Name: Peltandra virginica

Common Name:  Arrow Arum

Good for pond edge planting and rain gardens

Height:  1.5-2 ft   Width:  1.5-2 ft

Forms dense clumps of glossy, dark green arrowhead-shaped foliage.  Greenish-yellow, calla lily-like flowers in the summer.
Good choice for earth-bottom ponds.

Part sun to light shade.

4 inch pot

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This North Carolina native is a good choice for moist spots in the landscape or the edges of ponds and water features. 

Arrow arum is found in swamps and marshes, and along muddy shorelines of streams and lakes. It grows in areas of high light and darkest shade. Arrow arum flowers from February to September. Arrow arum leaves are arrowhead-shaped, with an obviously rounded leaf base. Leaves typically are 10 to 12 inches long, and half as wide. They may be twice as big. The leaf underside is whitish, with three prominent veins. Its leaves are clustered on long succulent stalks that can be 3 feet long. Arrow arum flowers are small and light yellow, on a finger-like spike.

Rails, muskrats, wood ducks and black ducks all rely on arrow arum for food.

NC Native Plant 

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