Azalea ‘Pink Ruffle’


Botanical Name:  Rhododendron x indica ‘Pink Ruffles’ 

Common Name: Azalea ‘Pink Ruffle’

Height:  2-4 ft;  Width: 4 ft

Partial shade/ Partial sun

Average moisture acidic soil prefered.  Grows naturally in a rounded form.

3 gallon 

Photo from  Talbott Nursery and Poultry

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The Pink Ruffle Azalea in a mid sized  evergreen shrub that hails from Belgium. Blooms are bright pink double flowers . They prefer to grow in acidic soil in a partial shade environment.  A shallow, non aggressive root system makes them a great foundation planting choice.  This fairly shallow root system however, also requires that Azaleas be given regular waterings – equivalent to about 1″ of rainfall each week throughout the growing season. They also can be added as an understory planting below the shady canopies of our pines. These large evergreen shrubs can spread to 4′ wide. Fertilize in early spring, and again in mid fall

Pink Ruffle is known to re-bloom in the fall however, the fall show is not quite as spectacular as in spring. Hence it’s name the flowers are beautifully ‘ruffled’ at the edges.  They produce 2- to 3-inch spring flowers and have strong heat tolerance.

If pruning  is needed, do so right after the flowers are spent.

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