Boxwood ‘Sprinter’


Botanical Name: Buxus microphylla ‘Bulthouse’

Common Name: Boxwood Sprinter®

Height: 2-4 ft  Width 2-4 ft. 

Partial to full sun.  Improved form of  ‘Winter Gem’ that is upright and fast growing.  An excellent hedge, border or container plant.  Sprinter® Boxwood is ultra hardy and fast growing.  It’s upright habit makes it ideal as a evergreen hedge plant.

Boxwood is used both in formal and mixed borders and remains one of the most popular evergreen shrubs in today’s landscape design.  Rich, evergreen foliage provides year-round beauty in either sun or shade.  They provide structure in the mixed border garden especially during the winter months.

Buxus can be easily shaped and tolerate severe pruning.  Excellent as a low growing hedge or used in a knot garden.  Their dense, pliable growth, small leaves recover quickly from pruning making them ideal candidates for topiary. 

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A Proven Winners® 

Buxus Sprinter® has glossy evergreen foliage and can grow in just about any sun to shade location. The color stays beautiful all summer through winter and is deer resistant. 

Prefers moist, well-drained soil. Fertilize with a controlled release fertilizer in spring. Pruning is seldom needed, but may be trimmed in summer.