Buddleia ‘Pugster Blue’


Botanical Name: Buddleia Pugster Blue® 

Common Name: Pugster Blue Butterfly Bush

Height: 2 ft   Width: 2-3 ft

Full sized flowers on a compact buddleia! The Pugster® series of butterfly bush are characterized by their short, stocky frame coupled with their large, full sized flowers. The thick, heavy stems ensures better winter survival compared to most small buddleia. 

Full to partial sun.

3 gallon

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rabbit resistantdeer resistant symbolbutterflybumble-beehummingbird

Don’t be thrown off by its small size – this perennial is sturdy and holds up its large blooms with strength all season long. Each bloom provides a full cluster of magenta hued flowers with a sweet honey fragrance. Butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds love it. Pugster Blue® will bloom all season long with no need for deadheading. Its strong and thick stems will ensure better winter survival than the typical butterfly bush.

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