Buddleia x ‘Lochinch’


Botanical Name: Buddleia x ‘Lochinch’

Common Name: Lochinch Butterfly Bush

Height: 6-8 ft   Width: 4-6 ft

Fast-growing semi-evergreen shrub to 6-8′ tall x 4-6′ wide. This attractive variety features silvery-gray foliage accented with masses of delightfully fragrant lavender-blue flowers that attract butterflies and hummingbirds summer to fall. Prune in late winter to encourage a more compact stronger blooming plant. Great as an accent or colorful backdrop to annuals and perennials does well in containers and makes a good cut flower. Prefers a well-drained soil and has relatively low water needs once established though a more lush-looking plant is achieved with regular watering. Full to partial sun.

3 gallon

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rabbit resistantdeer resistant symbolbutterflybumble-beehummingbird

 Light blue fragrant flowers with orange eye. Fragrant flowers attract butterflies from late spring to fall. For more flowers and compact shrub, cut back hard in winter. Gray-green leaves on top and silvery beneath. The 8 to  12-inch-long flower spikes begin in late summer and bloom until frost.


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