Carolina Blue Sapphire


Botanical Name: Cupressus arizonica var glabra

Common Name: Carolina Sapphire

Height: 40 -50 ft  Width 15-20 ft.  Fast growing.

Full sun to part shade.  Medium to dry areas.   Low maintenance and a great tree to use as a screen.

Native southwestern evergreen

7 gallon

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full sun symbol 75x75 part shade deer resistant symbol 75x75  double drop 75x75e 

 ‘Carolina Sapphire’ is great screening evergreen tree–plant 7 feet apart. A fast grower, about 1-2 feet per year.  It does best in full to partial sun.  The beautiful silvery blue / teal coloration stays year round.   Moderately salt tolerant. Prefers well drained / sandy soil.

Drought tolerant once established, and easily withstands our heat  and humidity of summer.  

Flaky, reddish-purple bark that adds visual interest, especially on mature specimens where the trunk and large branches are visible through the foliage.

‘Carolina Sapphire’ cones are oval-to-round in shape, appearing first in greenish-silver color and then darkening to a reddish brown.

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