Carolina Jessamine


Genus Name: Gelsemium sempervirens ‘Pride of Augusta’ (‘Plena’) and rankanii

Common Name: Carolina Jessamine ‘Pride of Augusta’ and Rankins

Twining evergreen vine. Trellis or use as a ground cover.

Trumpet shaped, yellow double blooms from February thru April. Semi-evergreen vine great on fences or as a groundcover. Full sun to light shade.

Combo pot includes ‘Pride of Augusta’ and ‘Rankins’

3 gallon


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Gelsemium Pride of Augusta is a double flowering selection of Carolina Jessamine. It is an evergreen twining climber with bright yellow double blooms from spring into early summer with some repeats later depending on conditions. This is a very easy and rewarding vine to grow. Train it on a fence or arbor. Plant parts are poisonous.

Older vines that become top heavy or sparse can be pruned back to a few feet above ground level after flowering. Remove dead or broken branches and shape the plant each year after bloom. Mow groundcovers every few years to maintain density.

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