Crape Myrtle ‘Moonlight Magic’


Botanical Name: Lagerstroemia Moonlight Magic

Common Name:  Moonlight Magic Crape Myrtle

Height: 8-12 ft; Width: 4-6 ft

Full sun in well drained soil.  Resistant to powdery mildew.

3 gallon

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Moonlight Magic™ is loaded with bright white flowers from late July into August. The unique upright habit allows you to grow it as a small tree as well. Beautiful purple-maroon foliage holds its color even in the southern heat, and is mildew and leaf spot resistant.

Moonlight Magic has a somewhat upright growth habit for such a small mature sized Crape, and has excellent compact branching habit as well. Actually gives the appearance of a small tree form Crape Myrtle…..rather than the shrub-like form commonly seen in varieties in this same mature size range. Foliage is super dark maroon / purple color, and retains it’s color very well…..even under the heat & humidity of most southern climates.

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 How to prune  your Crape Myrtle here.