Distylium ‘Coppertone’


Botanical Name: Distylium

Common Name: Distylium ‘Coppertone’

Height:  3 – 4 ft.; Width: 4 – 5 ft.

Grows well in full sun to partial shade in well-drained and semi-moist soil.  It is also drought tolerant. 

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Distylium Coppertone leaves

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A spreading-mounded evergreen shrub with copper-bronze-red emerging foliage that matures to matte blue-green. The most beautiful kaleidoscopic foliage color combination in spring, almost more attractive than the flowers. 

 As a disease and insect resistant shrub. It provides year- round color.  Requiring a little pruning in June, distyliums make great plantings for low growing hedges, foundation or accent areas.

They are a Southern gardener’s dream plant because they are evergreen, compact, disease and insect resistant, as well as heat and drought tolerant. Distylium hybrids will also grow in wet soils.