Distylium ‘Vintage Jade’


Botanical Name: Distylium

Common Name: Distylium ‘Vintage Jade’

Height:  3 – 4 ft.  Width: 4 – 5 ft.

The Vintage Jade foliage is evergreen, and has a beautiful dark green coloration year round, with just a slight bluish cast. Very small reddish maroon flowers appear in late winter, which also gives this plant some nice seasonal interest too. Is the lowest growing of all the Distylium hybrids, and makes a wonderful, thick, yet graceful looking hedge or groundcover planting.

Grows well in full sun to partial shade in well-drained and semi-moist soil. 


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  Distylium Vintage Jade shrub2


Distylium ‘Vintage Jade’ is a good alternative to laurels, junipers, hollies and Indian Hawthorns. 

 If you have problems with disease and insects on your boxwood, cherry laurel, holly or juniper shrubs, distylium is an excellent replacement selection. Not only is it highly resistant to disease and insects, but this broadleaf evergreen is tolerant to heat, drought and wet soils. Their strong, beautiful leaves shine in bright sun and don’t discolor or fade during the winter months. Many develop small berries in late winter, which create beautiful cut branches for flower arrangements. This really is a healthy, adaptable and versatile four-season plant.

 There are basically no known disease or pest problems with these Distylium hybrids.  Requiring a little pruning in June, distyliums make great plantings for low growing hedges, foundation or accent areas.

They are evergreen, compact, disease and insect resistant, and are heat and drought tolerant. Distylium hybrids will also grow in wet soils.

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