Dwarf Burford Holly


Botanical Name: Ilex cornuta ‘Burfordii Nana’ 

Common Name: Dwarf Burford Holly

Height: 6-8 ft. 

Drought and heat resistant. Sun to light shade.

Upright, dense rounded, evergreen spreading shrub. Grows in a range of soils.

3 gallon

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Dwarf Burford 2

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The Dwarf Burfordii has a slow growth rate, a smaller mature height, a more round silhouette and less berries than larger varieties. It is a favored evergreen shrub due to its glossy, deep green leaves and attractive and dense habit of growth.  It produces clusters of fragrant white flowers in the springtime.

Beginning late summer, berry-like fruits emerge. Compact grower is a miniature version of one of the most popular hollies. Prolific bearer of large, bright red berries without a pollenizer present, though heavier with a pollenizer. Evergreen hedge or border specimen.Many birds which will eat the berries in late winter after they have softened. Some of those birds include robins, cardinals, sparrows and mockingbirds. It is also a favorite nesting site for cardinals and  sparrows.