Hydrangea ‘Invincibelle Limetta’


Botanical Name: Hydrangea arborescens

Common Name:  Hydrangea ‘Invincibelle Limetta’

A Proven Winners plant.  Flowers are held up on strong stems – no flopping.  Lime green flowers are perfect for the summer landscape, and it reblooms.

Smooth hydrangeas like Invincibelle Limetta are native to North America – they grow wild in much of the central and southeastern U.S.

Height: 3-4 ft and wide 3-4 ft


This is a deciduous woody plant which loses its leaves in the winter. By late September this plant may have brown or discolored leaves with some leaf loss. This is normal in the plant’s life cycle and not a sign of damage or an unhealthy plant. Even though this plant may not have green foliage, fall is still the best time of year to plant deciduous trees and shrubs.

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Invincibelle Limetta® hydrangea is the easy way to experience refreshing summer color every year. It’s as reliable as the classic ‘Annabelle,’ but offers big-time improvements, like strong stems that hold the blooms upright all season, and a dwarf, rounded habit that makes it perfect to plant anywhere, from foundations to flower gardens. In early summer, spheres of lime green flowers appear. They lighten to a soft green-white before turning jade green for the rest of the season. They last clear through frost for a persistent show that takes practically no effort on your part – they are great for both fresh and dried cut flowers. Just released  in 2018.

Limetta™ adapts to just about any soil quality and Spring pruning is recommended. Very adaptable and with reliability that rivals ‘Annabelle’

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