Live Oak


Botanical Name:  Quercus virginiana

Common Name:  Live Oak

Height:  Normally 40-50 ft tall, but can reach 80 ft and 60-100 ft. in width

Grows best in full sun.  Adapted to all soils with medium drought tolerance


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The Live Oak is a massive, picturesque, wide-spreading tree with magnificent horizontal and arching branches that form a broad, rounded canopy. A squat, tapering trunk (larger in diameter than that of any other oak) supports the huge, irregular limbs which often rest their elbows on the ground. Dimensions are 40-50 ft. in height and 60-100 ft. in width. Dark-green, waxy, unlobed leaves fall just as new leaves emerge in the spring, making the tree appear evergreen—though the coordinated leaf loss means it’s not actually a true evergreen. 

The Live oak is a host plant for the Banded Hairstreak, Edward’s Hairstreak, Grey Hairstreak, White-M Hairstreak, Horace’s Duskywing, and Juvenals Duskywing butterflies.  Acorns are eaten by woodpeckers, blue jays, small mammals, wild turkeys and ducks.   This tree is resistant to damage by deer.