Nellie Stevens Holly


Botanical Name: Ilex x Nellie R Stevens

Common Name: Nellie Stevens Holly

Evergreen. Springtime brings the appearance of white flowers that will mature into bright red berries by fall. The scarlet berries are attractive against the deep green foliage.  Use male Chinese hollies as pollinizers.

Height: 15 -20 ft  Width: 10 ft

Partial to full sun. 


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Vigorous grower with dense branches makes an excellent tall screen. Producer of large bright orange-red berries. Use male Chinese hollies as pollinizers. Evergreen.  Needs regular watering – weekly, or more often in extreme heat.

These holly trees make perfect accents at the corners of your home, planting beds, or entryway. The dark green foliage makes a great contrast to surrounding trees and shrubs.

During the winter months, you will enjoy the red berries against the deep green foliage. This tree is a bird watchers delight, as its berries attract all kinds of wildlife.

Unlike most holly varieties, these grow tall and stay deep green all year round. Nellie Stevens Holly Trees grow in sun or partial shade.

Wildlife Value:  Fruits are attractive to birds. Flowers attract bees.  Members of the genus Ilex support the following specialized bee: Colletes banksi.