Botanical Name: Pontederia cordata

Common Name: Pickerel

Good for pond edge planting and rain gardens

Height: 3.5 ft   Width: Spreads

It’s been around long enough to have its own bee for pollination, the Dufourea, which visits this plant for nectar and pollen and does not visit any other plant.

Several ducks also eat the seeds including Mallard, Black Duck, Green-Winged Teal, and Wood Duck.

4 inch pot

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 This North Carolina native is a good choice for moist spots in the landscape or the edges of ponds and water features. 

The large Pickerel weed plant produces 1 spike of small flowers. The plant is often 3 feet tall, with long, heart-shaped leaves. The flowerstem rises above the leaves except 1 leaf that grows behind the flowers. The deep blue flowers are on a spike about 6 inches long and bloom in succession from the bottom up, prolonging the flowering period for several days.

This emergent aquatic, with its leaves and flowers above water and portions of the stem under water, is found typically in shallow, quiet water. The seeds can be eaten like nuts and the young leaf-stalks cooked as greens. Deer also feed on these plants. The common name suggests that this plant, as well as the fish known as pickerel, occupy the same habitat.

NC Native Plant 

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