Pink Muhly Grass


Botanical Name: Muhlenbergia capillaris

 Common Name:  Pink Muhly Grass

Its relatively small size, glossy green foliage & airy pinkish-red flowers set this extraordinary selection apart from others. Especially attractive planted in mass where flowers can be backlit by the sun. Drought tolerant, though thrives with regular watering. Medium to dry soil needs.

Height: 3 ft   Width: 3 ft


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Muhlenbergia capillaris is one of the most exciting members of the grass world. Pink Muhly Grass is sought after for several reasons: spectacular pink plume color, drought tolerance and undemanding nature. Pink Muhly Grass grows in a mound with erect, blue-green foliage until September when spectacular, billowing pink seed heads form a cotton-candy crown. When planted in masses, the dramatic effect can take your breath away. Because it is extremely drought tolerant and requires little attention once established, Muhlenbergia capillaris is a low maintenance option for home landscapes. Pink Muhly Grass should be cut back in early spring every other year.

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