Sage ‘Rose Pink’


Botanical Name:  Salvia greggii ‘Rose Pink’

Common Name:  Sage ‘Rose Pink’

Rose-pink flower s attract hummingbirds all summer. Great for use in the border. Drought tolerant. Performs best in full /part sun.

Known and valued for its long blooming season, its distinguishing feature is the tubular, two lipped flower with the flat lower lip and the helmet-shaped upper lip. The slender stems rise above the foliage carrying intense, electric rose pink blossoms. 

Height:  2-3 ft; Width:  2-3 ft



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Sage prefers moderately fertile, humus rich soil that is moist but well drained. Easy to grow in areas with low humidity.

Salvia Greggii needs excellent drainage and half to a full day of sun. In hot climates, partial shade is needed to keep the plant at its best. It flowers throughout the summer and autumn until the short days and cool weather stop their production. 

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Salvia Rose Pink

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