Southern Blue Flag


Botanical Name: Iris virginica 

Common Name: Southern Blue Flag Iris

Pond edge planting and rain gardens

Height: 1-3 ft   Width: 1-3 ft

This adaptable iris has fragrant, blue violet flowers with falls crested in yellow and white. Narrow, bright green leaves often lie on the ground in late fall and winter.

Natives found in full sun in wetlands or stream edges.

4 inch pot

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 This North Carolina native is a good choice for moist spots in the landscape or the edges of ponds and water features. Best grown in wet, boggy, acidic, sandy soils in full sun. Also does  well in average garden soils that are kept consistently moist soils that are never allowed to dry out. The species is often found in the wild growing in standing water, and this cultivar may be grown in shallow water (up to 6 “). Tolerates light shade, particularly in the southern part of its growing range. Clumps will slowly spread by creeping rhizomes to form colonies in optimum growing conditions. Divide plants when overcrowding occurs.

NC Native Plant 

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