Wax Myrtle


Botanical Name:  Myrica cerifera

Common Name:  Wax Myrtle, Bayberry

Height:  to 20ft  Width: 6-12 ft 

Grows best in full sun or part sun.  Prefers acidic, sandy soils.

Brackish water tolerant.



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Durable and versatile evergreen shrub or small tree that is widely adaptable to most  landscapes. The olive green foliage is fragrant. Female plants will bear grayish berries the second year.  Wax Myrtle can be limbed up into a small tree or sheared into a hedge. This Native has good tolerance to drought and poor soils.

Requires constant moisture to get established, but both drought and flood tolerant once established.

Berries eaten by many species of birds.  Serves as a great cover for small songbirds. Wax Myrtle is the Larval Host for the Red-Banded Hairstreak Butterfly



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