White Muhly Grass


Botanical Name: Muhlenbergia capillaris ‘White Cloud’

Common Name: White Muhly Grass   

Masses of tall, delicate flower panicles create a white haze over the fine textured, leaves and are attractive through the winter. Superior groundcover when massed with shrubs and trees. Adapted to reflected heat, dry sites and poor soils.

Height: 4 ft; Width: 3 ft


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‘White Cloud’ is a cultivar of the native grass Muhlenbergia capillaris. White Cloud Muhly Grass produces beautiful, moonlight white, billowing seed heads and fine-textured, blue-green foliage. It has a more upright shape, grows a bit taller, and blooms shortly after Pink Muhly Grass. Its airy, ivory blooms embellish and soften the landscape, and rival the breathtaking look that Pink Muhly is famous for achieving. Drought tolerant, undemanding, and elegant, it is a capable candidate for difficult areas and mass plantings. In the landscape, it combines well with the colorful red and orange fall foliage of other grasses. 

full sun symbol 75x75 Prt sun symbol deer resistant symbol 75x75  NC Native Plantrabbit resistant 75x73